Predicting the future and Leicester Sven wants Curtis Davies

I'm a big fan of history. We can use history and it can tell us a lot about why things are happening now and what is or likely going to happen. If we can't immediately see the answers, all we have to do is look a little harder and we'll find them.

Very rarely these days, things happen and we are completely surprised. For example, it is probable that we will lose tomorrow, we know we are not going to win the League and we also know Chelsea probably will.

It was a bit like the previous manager. We knew his football wasn't going to change and we knew it was going to be fairly one dimensional. We knew signings were going to happen late in the window and we knew he was going to pay too much in salaries and fees.

I see the future and dead people

No, I didn't get very high recently and this isn't going anywhere other than to say, when I asked on Twitter yesterday who would be your preferred defensive partnership and when the discussion started to get going on the Chelsea prediction post about, I wasn't surprised that Carlos Cuellar would get the nod above everyone else.

I knew it, just like I know I can see beer and waking up on a couch in my very near future. I think I can see me making an effort with dinner tonight and spoiling the wife with a nice bottle of wine and food I know she'll love, but like I implied above, it isn't an exact science and with all predictions, it is never going to be 100%.

Leicester Sven

Right, I've lost the plot a little this morning, so I'm going to bring this post to an end fairly soon.

So apart from knowing that we all want to see Cuellar get a run of games, because we all also know that the central defensive partnership has to be a solid one, only changed when absolutely necessary or at very exact times, there is also a rumour this morning that Leicester Sven is interested in Curtis Davies on loan.

I'm sad to say, I can see this happening. I like Davies and think he has bags of potential but there is just something that makes me think his time at Aston Villa is over and a loan move would be the first nail in the coffin for him.

He might wear claret and blue again though, but I have a feeling that will only happen if the club is ravaged by injuries to all central defenders.

Midlands Steve

Really, this post is coming to an end soon and I am going to operate heavy machinery today. But before it ends, we have to talk about Steve Sidwell, as rumours are doing the rounds that Stoke and Wolves are interested in him.

Actually, scrap it, we don't need to talk about it. It is October, it doesn't deserve a mention. I'm off for breakfast which today is going to include Marmite.