Reason for open eyed optimism, but still sitting on the fence and Newcastle tomorrow

I'm sitting on the fence with the signings Paul Lambert has made this summer and for one reason only; in my opinion, they all look like players that he would have gone after had he still managed Norwich.

Don't get me wrong, Norwich could have done well under Paul Lambert had he stayed, but they could also have gone down just as easily and the reason I'm sitting on the fence is because we should have higher expectations than Norwich.

But when I write about expectations, they are mine. They are what I believe Aston Villa should have and I don't own Aston Villa and also, Lambert has done nothing wrong. He has gone after the players he wanted and he has got his players, so now we have to see what happens and see if they are good enough to take the step up.

Determination is important

But I'm not going to blindly believe, because he has hungry players, that they will do well. There is a massive difference between the top flight in Belgium to the Premier League, much like there is between League One and the Championship to the Premier League, but sometimes, players do make the step up.

And wanting to win and giving a little extra is important. You want hungry players. So I'm sitting on the fence but I am well and truly dangling my feet in the positive water, because the likes of Benteke are reason for blind optimism and what we have seen from Vlaar and El Ahmadi does inspire confidence.

Newcastle away

So to the football and tomorrow we play Newcastle. It is a tough trip and even though we are two games in, we are desperate for some points. Scrap that two game statement, we are desperate for points. Nobody predicted no points after those opening games, we need some.

And while winning is possible tomorrow, I think, only because it is his third game, we have to be happy with a draw, if we can get it. But a win would be fantastic - and really get some thinking we've turned a corner, but look at the odds and if you put your money on the most likely outcome according to them, more often than not, you will win.


Updates, team news and all that

So, I'll be back tomorrow with a match post and updates but until then, I have to go and put in some door frames.