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Rumours, a match, a manager and a new contract

Martin O'Neill leaving the club and all this talk of needing a new manager seems to have taken the focus off the fact we have a proper game in a couple of days and we actually have a manager in place.

If anyone thinks that Bob Bradley can do a good job and I have slowly come round to the thinking that he might actually be able to, then you also have to accept that Kevin MacDonald is even more qualified and should also be given a chance.

We should also accept that we don't need to rush in to replace Martin O'Neill if Kevin MacDonald has a good start and I hope think he will. He is respected by the squad and hopefully he'll get the full backing from everyone at the club.

I for one think hope he should does get a chance, especially if he is willing to give it a proper go.

West Ham at Villa Park

Never the easiest match, if only because you sort of don't expect them to be that tough. With a new manager and a renewed optimism they will come thinking they can steal something. I don't think they will, but more on that tomorrow with the match preview.

Double Liverpool bid

Speculation mounts that Liverpool are going to make an offer for Stan not really the man Petrov and Stephen Warnock and the rumour is £14mn and I say, if we can get £14mn for those two - you have to take it although I would be very sad to see Stephen Warnock leave.

Eric Lichaj signs new deal

Young right back Eric Lichaj has signed a new three year deal with the club. I for one think he is a fantastic player with bags of potential. He reminds me a little of a young Gary Neville - although I have to admit to only seeing him play a couple or three of games, but that was what I remember thinking at the time.

New website

We put the new site live last night for a few minutes just to play with a couple of features and it all worked well apart from one feature - but it isn't a feature that we desperately need so the plan is to still go live by kick off.

Don't be expecting too much - it is very much a design overhaul, nothing more. Just a little up to date, a little cleaner and a little faster. Much like the new club site, which does look better and while you can see they have been influenced by the Manchester City site - they are still stuck on the old platform that is never really going to see them develop a site with the wow factor. Pity.

Here all week

So, we are here all week, waiting and hoping. We are already two players down on last season but we still have three players too many for our twenty-five man squad that must be named on September 1st. Will be an interesting August.