Aston Villa 1 ten man Spurs 1 and barring something unheard of, safety for Aston Villa

We went 1-0 up when Ciaran Clark had a shot from close to thirty yards hit Gallas on the head and deflect past Friedel and we went in at half time leading, but in the second, all that changed.

But before we get to the collapse, okay, it wasn't really a collapse, we just conceded a goal, to a dream I had. I dreamt that if we could hold on for the second half and mathematically secure our future in the Premier League, that the club would let McLeish go today. How much of a fool do you think I feel now.

To think that I thought we would hold on to a lead. Madness. But then Spurs were reduced to ten men and that naturally meant we would sit back for the remainder of the second half and we did. And then, Dunne gave away a penalty because a player was running with the ball away from the goal.

Spurs converted the penalty and then attacked us for the rest of the half. But then, QPR scored to go one up against Stoke and Bolton were winning 2-1 against West Brom with only seconds to go. It was all falling apart around me.

Thankfully West Brom got an equaliser in the last minute of that game, so barring something momentous happening next weekend, Aston Villa will be playing in the Premier League next season and for me, this is the time for Alex McLeish to go.

McLeish must go

His position at the club is untenable and there is no other option than to let him go. At the final whistle there were chants of 'sack McLeish' and when that happens, again and again, it has to happen.

But I don't think they will do it now. I think they will wait until the end of the season and we will beat Norwich and someone somewhere is going to say it is unfair but it isn't. He has to go. Everyone now knows this. The owner does too.

The protest

But there was a protest today and well, I'm not one to comment on the success of it or not, because I do not know. But they did hand out some flyers. They should have had something like 'hold this up in the 25th minute' on it or something, but they didn't.

The flyer is below and you can vote for your man of the match to the right. I'm just happy this season is nearly over and we can start a new one with a new manager, renewed optimism and hope. After a well deserved break in the summer.

Alex McLeish protest day poster