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Second quickest Aston Villa post ever: Fifty-two seconds

The World Cup starts this week and while there is no official embargo on deals getting done that I've read about, I wouldn't be surprised if a telephone call or two has been made to a few people politely requesting that they basically put things on hold for a few weeks. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me.

So, with nothing going on or likely to happen, news is scarce and with most reporters tasked with delivering content about the World Cup then even those fantastic rumours about players coming and going are going to dry up - that is until a certain player is spotted at the World Cup and he can be linked to Aston Villa.

I have no doubt we will also get one or two stories a week about James Milner and until the post at Liverpool is filled some will believe that Liverpool will want Martin O'Neill and while I wouldn't put anything past Dumb and Dumber, I really can't see anything happening on that front.

So, for news, you really should bookmark the club site here because if there is anything, that is where we will read it first, otherwise you can believe, if you want, that Harry Redknapp is going to offer cash plus Robbie Keane for Gabby.

I wont believe that because well, money plus Keane for Gabby is excellent business for us and while we can optimistically hope that he will come good, it will just be hope and there is an old saying about a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, or something like that and well, Robbie Keane is proven and he is also a different type of player to Gabby.

It is just speculation and I'm timing myself because I wrote this post after the title and I am now at fifty seco....

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