Sherwood magics a rabbit: Spurs 0 Aston Villa 1

There is little to write about today; Tim Sherwood pulled a rabbit out of a hat, then Hull and Sunderland lost on top of us beating Spurs at White Hart Lane. It was a very good result and not a bad match, even if a little nervous towards the end.

And the win moves us up to 15th on 32 points a full six points ahead of QPR in 18th place. Whatever you're into, you've got to like those apples if you're an Aston Villa fan.

And it was a great team effort. We went for it from the first tough of the ball and we were winning the second balls and more often than not winning the first ones too. Spurs didn't really get a look in and while there were a few nervous moments in the match, it really was just a few. I don't think Guzan had more than one shot to save, but I'm a few beers in and my memory isn't what it used to be.

But some things you need to know; Benteke scored again, Sanchez got sent off, Clark was replaced by Baker early on after picking up an injury and Gabby was also replaced after an injury. Oh and one more thing; we won and we're one more win and a draw safe, if we want to take it to the wire.

I'm happy today because we won and I scored. I had a tough time with my injury but I'm getting back to my old level. I try to help my team, and do my best every time. I think we have to try to win every game. It's not very easy to take a point.

Benteke after the game

And on that, I'm going to pack my bags, get this beer drunk and head on home. It's going to be a good night.