Sidwell gone, Petrov and Delph back and a Happy Christmas

The first bit of news isn't yet confirmed, but it will be soon and if it isn't West Ham, it will be some other club, as I think it is clear Steve Sidwell isn't in the long term plans of the manager.

So, thanks Steve. Not that you really want or need to read it, I don't think you care that much and I think you'll be happier playing for a team in London, seeing as you live in London and I also think you'll be happy anywhere, as long as you are picking up your £40k a week.

Confirmed News

Away from the not confirmed, it has been confirmed that Stiliyan Petrov and Fabian Delph are back in full training.

Gerard Houllier
The good news is that Fabian seems to be taking part in practically all our sessions, which is a good sign and a good omen. I say practically because sometimes we rest him in between. Stiliyan is back and has been full training last week and this week. I'm pleased the likes of Stiliyan, Fabian and Nigel will be back so we could have more competition.

It is going to be nice to see Delph get a few games as there was a lot of expectation when he signed and a lot of people have said good things about him. I'm looking forward to it as I liked what I saw of him.

Brad Friedel

In more news, the manager has confirmed that he is looking at a long-term replacement for Friedel, but also that Friedel might be getting another contract and if he does, he will be considered the first team keeper.

Gerard Houllier
If he feels fine, why not? We'll ask him in February. If he feels alright, we'll keep him. If he stays, he'll stay as the first-team keeper.


Right, Christmas really is here now. There is no way I can get out if it, so unless we announce the signing of a player tomorrow, this will be the last post until the very early hours of Boxing Day morning.

So, I will take this opportunity to wish all visitors to the site a very warm and happy Christmas. I'm off to bake my mince pies and to have a lunch time beer.