Spanked at Brentford and the joke that keeps on giving

Last summer was when this all went wrong. We put a poor manager into the Club and let him do whatever he wanted. What we needed then was a wise head to pick the right man to manage Aston Villa, identify two or three key players, go get them and then let the manager manage.

I tried to use the word manage as much as I could in that opening paragraph. And I wrote this at the time and several times since but you can't make as many changes as we did with a poor manager and expect things to be any different than what we actually have. What baffles me is that we've got an owner so successful in business and not afraid to tell us this, that didn't know this.

It also surprises me that we have a CEO with so much experience, that didn't know this. But I know I'm alone in my thinking, mostly because I don't pander to the owner or the Club. I don't follow, unfollow, follow back and then unfollow like a petulant child.

And this is going to surprise a few; I actually read something Stan Collymore tweeted today and I agreed with him. Or he agreed with me.

But now we have a manager with experience and he's like a kid in the sweet shop on a Saturday. This is why I believe he has accepted it's another season in the Championship but it's also why our comical owner should be allowed to tweet what he wants (he's gone past the point of trying to save him and Tony Xia is pretty much a joke to most outside of Aston Villa) but the CEO or someone at the Club has to very firmly limit the number of players we bring in during the summer that comes.

It's why I don't blame Bruce. He's done it before more times than I remember, but he has to do it with a maximum of three changes next summer and ideally one or two. But by all means spend the money as if it was six or seven players. You have to, to get the right ones!

We need stability. We need supporters to finally figure out that you don't fix things by making so many changes. The Clubs that bounce back straight away are the ones that don't make changes.

And it doesn't help when the players you sell are going to the Premier League and the players you bring in are Championship players. In the summer we should have enticed two or three players with very large salaries to come and play for us. We failed. We can't fail next summer.

And yes, you can entice players with money, that's how it's done these days. And yes again, I'm writing as if I believe we're stuck in the Championship. But, we just got spanked by Brentford .. how do you expect me to feel?

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