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Stewart Downing talks and it is all positive

It isn't often I get surprised and if you are a regular visitor to the site, you'll have read that before, but it happened again yesterday, twice. One will remain with me for a few more days, the other was Stewart Downing coming out and talking so openly about wanting to stay at the club.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I was. It was also very refreshing to see a player talk so openly about it and clearly wanting to stay at the club.

Stewart Downing
I think there have been a couple of conversations already with my agent. I've already spoken to the manager who has said he'd like to keep me. I'm enjoying my stay here. I've enjoyed it since the first day I came. It's a terrific football club. It's fantastic they want me.

There are terrific players here. I'm confident, despite this season, we're going in the right direction and if we get the right players in then I'm happy. The important thing in football is - if you're happy why change it? I know it's been a disappointing season, but I can see the bigger picture. It's great here. I've still got two years left on my contract and they've come to me with an offer.

For a player that is brilliant because it gives you confidence that they have faith in you and that they reward people if they do well. If you see the young lads this season, they've all signed up to new deals so we're heading in the right direction. Darren Bent's has come here too. He's a big player and probably the main striker for England at the moment. I know he was desperate to come here.

That's because it's a fantastic football club. It's massive. We all know it should be doing a lot better than this and we will.

The only thing he said that made me think a little was the bit about him talking about getting the 'right players in' making him 'happy'. But then when I thought about it a little longer I came to the conclusion that as long as we get the right manager to lead the club, then the players will want to play for him. Then I stopped thinking about it.

So, Arsenal on Sunday then Liverpool next week, then the madness. But at least we have one player sorted out and hopefully we will get confirmation very soon. Maybe that might help others make decisions too.