Stoke 0 Aston Villa 0: Would you have taken a point before the game?

Just a quick post to tell you the score as I was expected for dinner ten minutes ago and I have missed two calls, both probably from the wife.

Basically, a point is a point. We needed three but we were basically not good enough. If we were good enough, we would have won today. We didn´t, so we are not.

Now, it would be easy to write about a specific reason why we didn´t win today but if I did, I´d get shot down and there isn´t actually any proof I can put in front of a judge as to why we didn´t win today.

I could write that Stoke wanted it more or that we didn´t look like we were at 100% or I could even write that maybe, Stoke defended for ninety minutes, but none of that would be true.

There is some truth to what I have written and that is that I have nothing to put in front of a judge to say ´this is why we couldn´t beat Stoke´.

I am sure some will have opinions but for me, just for the moment, I am going to bite my tongue. Tomorrow, when I do the post-mortem and I am hung over, it might and probably will be a little different, but not at the moment.

So for now, I have to shower and get out of the house. Let me know what you think below, but I will end on this; we have a semi final at Wembley coming up.