Stuart Taylor off to Cardiff and Harewood off to Wolves

Morning all, quick post today as I've had a few emails in from people wanting a few different things and my aim is to get them done as quickly as possible; top of the list is a forum closely followed by mobile access.

First bit of news is that it looks like Stuart Taylor will be joining Cardiff on loan until the end of the season. This will be good for the player and ultimately good for us as it can't be good for him to be doing nothing and we do have two fit keepers at the moment.

We have learnt though that we need three keepers but if things get serious, we can recall him at any time after one month, or that is what I believe the rules to be anyway, correct me if I'm wrong.

The other bit of news, or gossip anyway, is that Marlon Harewood is off to Wolves for £2mn. quid in the summer. This wouldn't surprise me and it would be good for him, as well as good for us, even if we are taking a hit on what we paid for him. £2mn. in the back or a striker sitting on the bench with two other strikers ahead of him - it makes sense.

That is about it for now - there will be something later and hopefully news on the forum too and maybe even some Facebook style apps on the site - you never know!