Suggestion on Twitter that Dr Xia wont get it done and Bruce over Di Matteo every day of the week

I know I shouldn't believe everything I read on Twitter but it's not as if I've not suspected this from the moment the news came out. And I don't know who Matt Scott is, but he's saying he's hearing from high up places that Tony Xia is struggling to raise the funds.

Now, I know this makes me negative (thinking anything other than Xia is our saviour) and it means that for several thousand Aston Villa fans this will ruin their weekend, but the truth is, we sort of all knew this from the beginning. It's been a one man roadshow from the beginning that has, in hindsight, looked like one big fundraising campaign.

It started with him having controlling stakes in five publicly listed companies to shares in five companies. Then there was the story about him pretending to be a professor. And we also shouldn't forget the £100mn sitting in an English bank account or the daily story coming out as if he was trying to convince someone of this.

Like I said, hindsight and fundraising but I did write something yesterday about if someone had all this money, why would they need to release stories every day about having all this money? Actions and words and all that.

But it's just a story on Twitter

I'm hearing from high places Dr Tony Xia's deal for Villa is on the rocks. Question marks about his ability to raise the funds. #avfc

— Matt Scott (@Matt5cott) May 29, 2016

But it sort of makes sense

And I'm just writing an opinion, but I will also say this; look at the people that are rumoured to be involved in the deal and you really shouldn't be surprised. It's like when Del Boy tried to buy all those gold chains, he needed all his mates to get involved to make it happen. Tony Xia isn't even Del Boy, he's Boycie in this deal, just like in the TV show.

Bruce over Di Matteo

Anyway, I'm supposed to be outside cutting the grass and that is where I'm going in a minute, but I just want to write one more thing and it's about the need for a manager and our need to get promoted next season. Newcastle have Rafa and Derby have Pearson. For me, there is only one place left in the promotion push and I know it's silly to make such predictions, but that's just the way it's going to be.

And if you line up Di Matteo and Bruce next to each other, there really is only one man that should get the job. I'm not saying he's the right man and definitely not a long term solution. I still firmly believe that Moyes wants to manage Aston Villa but after initial talks with Xia, I understand why he's not jumping all over it. I've never met the man and I'd not want to work for him.

But if we had to pick one from Di Matteo or Bruce, it would have to be Bruce for so many reasons. And I know you know why, so I'm not going to explain.