Too many players get a mention today to mention it in the title: The future of Aston Villa

Emile Heskey is injured, he is going to have surgery and will be out for three to four weeks. Maybe even longer. Now everyone is in crisis mode. Everyone panic. Heskey, the legend, is injured.

Actually, we are not in crisis mode, it isn't an issue and we move on. What happens now is that Gabby comes back or, better still, seeing as this is a transitional season, we give Nathan 'The Fonz' Delfouneso the next month to lead our attack and see what he can do.

I've not forgotten about Carew, but I fancy the manager has, so it has to be The Fonz for me. You don't go through the England ranks like he has and score like he has if you don't have it. It is about time he got a proper run.

But Heskey has played well as the lone striker, but we knew that was his best position and when the previous manager brought him to the club, many thought that was going to be his role and because of that, some were quite happy with it, but it is almost as much about formation as it is players and we have cover.

It isn't nice for Heskey, but he is still getting paid and he's happy and I'm not that worried. I am however starting to think that maybe they are training the older players a little too hard, but that is just a thought and is probably not a worry.

Thursday speculation

Apparently, we are after Birmingham born Sean St Ledger. If you didn't know he plays as a central defender for Preston and the Republic of Ireland and is 25 years old.

If he joins us, he'll tell us that he was a Villa fan all his life. If he joins West Brom or Wolves, he'll say the same and I know his grandparents were probably Irish because all our grandparents are Irish, but I really do think if you are born in England you should only be allowed to play for England, mostly because you are English.

That is just a little thing that really does wind me up the wrong way, much like how there was all this talk about having that Spanish born Everton midfielder playing for England because he could get a British passport. It's a fucking joke and I apologise for swearing but this isn't cricket.

Bannan, Gardner and Albrighton

Right, ending the day now with something positive. First up; Barry Bannan is in the Scotland squad. It isn't confirmed confirmed but the manager has as good as confirmed it.

Craig Levein
I don't want to sit here and name the squad, but I will be adding and the plan is to bring the young lad Bannan into the group. Barry has impressed me in the Under 21's and he's now appearing for Aston Villa.

Second and this one is really positive, Gary Gardner is ready to resume training. He has been out for a long time and he is a talent. He once spoke about how he looked up to his brother, but in a year or three, it could be that his older brother is looking up to him, if things go as they could.

This isn't going to sound right, but I like the kids and I think we have a huge amount of talent coming through and they are so so close. The one that has made the biggest breakthrough to date, Marc Albrighton, might even make the England squad soon, a certain Ashley Young think it is possible.

The four mentioned in this post, along with Clark really could be the future. They are so so close and on that, I'm going out to work. I hate having to work, but it must be done. Fulham preview post tomorrow.


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