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The hottie from ChannelBee, Tom Hanks and a rumour

Going backwards today and starting with the rumours which, if we're honest, are the only things worth looking forward to now, mostly because it doesn't matter what happens in terms of actual football, we can predict what O'Neill is going to say and we've been pretty good at predicting the actual results and performances. It also helps that we know we're going to finish in one of two places.

So, the rumour is that we're interested in Hungarian defender Roland Juhasz. He is 23 years old and currently playing for Anderlecht. Anyone know anything about him? It's just a rumour but with Martin O'Neill talking about looking overseas, expect a lot more.

Martin O'Neill, May 8th 2009
Certainly in terms of value, ask a lot of Premiership managers and you find out that prices here between English clubs are very prohibitive. You start to look and you think you can get a quality player from the continent who's got all the skills in the world. You just worry about if he might have the temperament, not to survive here, but to absolutely prosper. I think that's becoming less of a worry in terms of continental players because the very, very best in the country in the last decade have improved the game, enhanced the Premier League.

I've never heard of him but it's in the papers, so take it a you want to take it. Now moving on to Tom Hanks and a lesson on what a bit of money can get you.

Tom Hanks once mentioned Aston Villa and when he was in London a year or two ago, we paid some money, so he held up an Aston Villa scarf. Well, it turns out, as if any of us are really surprised, that he isn't a fan and that basically he knows nothing about the game. So, have we lost our most famous fan, the simple answer is no, as we never had him as a fan. It was a PR stunt, much like Krulak.

Lastly today and I've held off putting this up simply because the video was just playing instead of giving you guys the option to press play, but you've really got to visit this site if you don't already. It's called ChannelBee and it's video content, with a lot of football, and new stuff every day and loads of stuff to go watch from the archives too.

In case you haven't seen it and if Tim Lovejoy isn't reason enough to watch, Soccer AM isn't Soccer AM without him, then watch the video below, it's a clip with Charlie Webster, who is a bird and is, if I'm allowed to say it, a hottie. The real bonus is she seems to know her football, which is just double thumbs up isn't it.

Sorry, if hottie isn't allowed or not politically correct, but I got it from Urban Dictionary and apparently it can be used for a man or a woman, so it's sort of fair as she is. At the same time, it should be clarified, that she's not Megan Fox (that is a reference to something else that some of you may remember, if you don't, don't bring me up on it), but Megan Fox probably knows nothing about football and well, football knowledge and ability to banter is important when scoring a bird, so she probably scores very high. In all seriousness, you'd be bored of Megan Fox in about a month, but ChannelBee is great.

I might be wrong here also, but I've got a feeling we'll be seeing some Aston Villa players soon on the 'We Want Answers' section, which should be interesting. But I might be wrong, still, it's wroth visiting.

That is me for today, next week is going to be less Aston Villa and I think a little more at the positives from this season and we're also going to be announcing The Aston Villa Blog Player of the Season winner. Right, I'm either going to go for a little run or a beer. Which do you think wins?

The Hottie from ChannelBee