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The naked truth - the Doc comes clean

Okay. I've posted opinion on this blog for four or five years, and I've had run-ins with many of you. What has united us is our undying wish for Aston Villa to prosper, succeed and win - whether that's through O'Neill's counter-attacking verve, Houllier's "build it from the back" or McLeish's "hoof the thing anywhere, but get it away".

Now it's time to come clean

I've been a season ticket holder for five years at Villa Park (I'm not one this season, though). But that's because of my kids, who I guided to support Villa rather than one of the big four. Villa, you see, is our nearest Premier League club, down in Gloucestershire as we are. My boys are now died-in-the-wool Villa fans.

But - though I love Villa Park and I love Villa - I'm not

I watched my first game at Loftus Road in 1974, and got the bug. My dad then took me to nearly every home game until I left home in 1985. I was then a QPR season ticket holder until 1998 when I went abroad. I found a lovely girl, married her and then moved home in 2004 with two boys in tow. I wanted them to be QPR fans, but they wouldn't play - they were desperate to own a Liverpool, United or Chelsea kit to be respected by their mates.

I'd always loved Villa Park. So I said: "if you don't want QPR, but you do want Premier League, let's try Villa". And that was that. And I got the bug too. Which is why I love Villa and why I write on this site.

So yes, the Doc's outed. The Doc is a QPR fan, with a massive soft spot for Villa.

And while I love Villa to bits, the blue-and-white-hooped blood coursing through my veins says that I want QPR to win on Sunday. We'll be at Loftus Road, my boys in claret and blue and me in hoops with a claret and blue scarf - and nobody will understand.

Maybe you will. Up the Villa and Come On You R's.