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The transfer window that was: Hutton and Jenas

Well, there was a surprise. Nobody expected Jermaine Jenas and while you wouldn't be blamed for thinking it had more to do with Harry Redknapp than Alex McLeish, it could turn out to be a decent bit of business for the season.

Hutton wasn't a massive surprise and that young lad from Ireland isn't really done until January, so I'm not counting him in the box to the right, so you can either be happy or not with the business done, but the business is done and those players will be supported every time they pull on the shirt and go and play for us.

Other than that, I don't know what else to write about the signings. They are hardly inspired and we can see exactly where they are going to fit. It isn't as if Hutton is a midfielder or Jenas is a defender, although it will be interesting to see who Jenas replaces, if as you'd fancy, he was brought in to play.

I was going to write something about how our manager could inherit the Barcelona team and I wouldn't be convinced it would make a difference, so I'll leave it. Instead, I'll look down my list of points to make, find that there is nothing and walk away.

No football this weekend

Okay, there is football, but there isn't any Aston Villa. We're making way for the international matches. I'm not really interested in them. I think I'd be more interested if the game wasn't so broken, but that is for some time in the future.

So, are you happy with the players? Has it changed anything about where you think we might finish this season? I'm leaving it now, because like I said, I don't think it really matters, we're not winning the league.