Three weeks to go, competition time and how many more players?

Right, sorry again about lack of posts. This month off in Sweden doesn't work so well when you're working with companies outside of Sweden and everyone else has buggered off. Why doesn't everyone just take July off?

Anyway, I've not missed that much have I? I mean, we've signed Björn Engels since my last post and that's about it. But if the talk is to be believed, there are more coming, but just how many?

I've read something today that we're about to sign Egypt international Trezeguet from Kasimpasa and also that we're about to spend big on some player from or playing in Portugal. And I have no doubt there are things happening that we don't know about. It is exciting even if there is no more news on Douglas Luiz.

And on this, I do have an opinion. And this isn't me back tracking, it's me making myself believe. Let me start by writing something I've written before. If you have a left back, you play him at left back. If you have a central midfielder, you play him in the middle of the park. If you've got an attacking central midfielder, you don't play him as a holding midfielder. You get where I'm going right?

By this, I mean you play players to their strengths and why you bought them in the first place. And what I'm doing here is saying that maybe all of these new players are maybe not as disruptive as it could be, if the manager sends them out to do the absolute best at what they are good and they play his way.

The right mindset will play an important role this season and as long as the players are right and I believe Dean Smith will have done his homework, then it's going to be very interesting to watch and I'm actually getting quite optimistic. But more on that in another post, coming quite soon ... hopefully.

Competition time

So, the season is three weeks away and what better time to launch a special competition and it's a good one. Top man Luke from Luke 1977 is offering up two tickets in his box for a match this season.

All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is click here and answer three very easy questions. We're going to use one of the answers on this blog, you'll know what one it is.

There is no set match yet for the winner and this is to be arranged with the team at Luke 1977 (handy if you're overseas) and while technically you can submit more than once, we will only be entering a single email address into the random draw. We will let the winner know on or around August 10th.

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