Tottenham Hotspur 2 Aston Villa 1: Just lacking a little quality

If you asked a neutral football fan how that came panned out, like I just have, you'll get a response probably similar to; Aston Villa just about had the first half and were unlucky to go in even, that the second half belonged to Spurs and that Spurs have just a little more quality in the side.

I don't know how better to sum it up if I'm honest. We were unlucky in the first half and if we had gone in one up, I think the result might have been different.

But, there is no use crying over spilt milk, we lost and as things stand right now we are eighth in the table. It isn't anything to worry about and losing at Spurs isn't the worst thing that will happen to use this season.

Some positives

We do have some things to be quite happy about though, if we are looking for positives. Nigel Reo-Coker was very good today. Emile Heskey, who went off in the first half with what I can only assume is a knock, looks a completely different player under Houllier and he set up the goal for Albrighton with lots of hard work and it was good to see.

Downing and Webcam are also starting to look better too and it is going to take time for the manager to bring his type of football to Aston Villa.

More I'm sure from some of you below and please vote for your man of the match to the right. I'm off for dinner and a beer.