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Transfer deadline day and Eric Lichaj

Today is the day. It really shouldn't be, but for us, it usually turns out to be the day and there might be some news, you never know, but we will start with some and it isn't nice. Eric Lichaj is out for four months.

It isn't nice and it sounds painful. He has a labral tear in his hip and while I've no idea what a labral is, the hip can hurt. But it is only four months and hopefully he will be back and playing again in the not so distant future and hopefully it turns out to be just a thing he will get over.

So, after the news, we move to what today is all about; speculation and bollox and we start with some that is looking more and more like it is going to happen. His name is Allan Hutton and it didn't work out for him at Spurs, so we are interested.

He played for the manager at Rangers before moving to Spurs in 2008 and he has made a fair few appearances for them, but it does look like Kyle Walker is going to get the nod ahead of him, so he is surplus to requirements and because there is another rumour suggesting that Cuellar is heading back to Rangers and Herd is too young to make the position his own, we clearly need another player to play in that position.

As it happens

There is also a rumour doing the rounds that we might be interested in bringing Steven Davis back to Villa Park. Now, he never played with the manager at Rangers and I was quite disappointed when we sold him to Fulham, but I'm not convinced it is a good move for anyone, apart from the player.

Like I said, I was disappointed when he left, but I'd be more disappointed if Barry Bannan left and that is sort of my point. But, that isn't where it ends. Liam Ridgwell handed in a transfer request yesterday. The Clowns rejected it, but the intention is there.

So, with a former player handing in a transfer request who used to be managed by our current manager, all things point to him wanting him back here. Again, when Ridgewell left, I was disappointed, but again, I think I'd be more disappointed if Clark left today and I was more disappointed when Cahill left.

I guess I'd actually be a bit gutted for the likes of Bannan and Clark if these two came back and it would fell like a backward step. But they probably won't happen.

So, as and when we get any news, this is where it will go. I'm going to be hitting refresh on my email and a few websites all day and I'll probably be whoring myself out on Twitter for fun.