Transfer week begins, the speculation that comes and man of the match

First up, man of the match and you won't be surprised this went to Kyle Walker. I'm surprised, but you won't be because he walked away with 62% of the vote (as things stand), so most voted for him. Don't get me wrong, great goal and fantastic to see a defender come forward like that, I just don't want it to be a one off and I don't give away my vote that easily and for ninety minutes (less too), I think we had better players.

Still, he won it and what a way to make a first impression. We will be sending him our imaginary man of the match t-shirt.

The transfer window week

Moving on, we've entered the week. This is the week when it all falls into place for Gerard Houllier. This is the week when his signings come to the club and the week when the players he doesn't want at the club get to leave.

How do I know? Well, this is the week when he can and this is the week when he needs to make things happen. We have nine points between now and the end of the transfer window and I think most would agree that points are pretty important right about now. The longer he leaves bringing in new players, the less impact they are going to have.

New players are coming and players are leaving, because this season is turning out to be a lot more important that many thought it would be and our new manager will know all about that.

New players are coming, because I'm under the impression our manager and club are serious about this and I've got a very strong feeling our manager has provided a list or given names, a long time before the window actually opened.

Transfer speculation

With all transfer windows, you get speculation. The one that doesn't want to go away apparently is Joey Barton. It doesn't need to go away, but the people at our club need to recognise that our football club doesn't reward you for going to gaol. Joey Barton is a thug, who comes from a family of thugs, who will always be a thug.

If we bring him to Villa Park, we are inviting thuggery into our dressing room, into our mentality and potentially into our homes. He can not be allowed to join Aston Villa Football Club, because Aston Villa Football Club is bigger than that.

What did QPR manager Neil Warnock call Blackburn's El-Hadji Diouf for verbally abusing one of his players; a sewer rat. Joey Barton is far worse and even though he is a decent footballer, he remains a thug. He can not be allowed to continue making his fortune here.

I bring him up, because the rumour is we are going to use Nigel Reo-Coker as bait. I'd rather have Reo-Coker than Barton and I can't see Pardew wanting him anyway.

Aston Villa news

Lastly on this lovely Monday morning, some news. First up, Carlos Cuellar is going nowhere and is happy at Aston Villa. I don't know where these rumours start, although I've got a good idea, but people, please, don't believe all you read, just because it is written. How do I know this; he tweeted it.

The FA Cup fourth round draw also took place yesterday and we got Blackburn at Villa Park. Nice. Blackburn again. Well, I've written enough times about them, so you know it all, I'll not dig deeper.

If any more news arrives in my inbox today, I'll update this page, but for now, I am off. But I have a feeling this page will be updated. I have a feeling we are going to hear some news.