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Two quick lines, Ashley Young and question of the day

As you know, I've drawn a line under the managerial gossip and I'm not doing it again until the club say something. It was getting pointless and the truth is; two or three people know what is going on and actually, I quite like that it is that way.

You see, whatever the club do or don't do now, they are in the shit. There will never be 100% support for any of the names mentioned and it is clear as day there is very little support second choice Steve, so I'm hoping there really is a secret plan and that they are playing it out and if they are, we will find out in plenty of time, but only the future will tell us if that was plenty of time or not so why worry about it now.

Constant repetition carries conviction

There are no leaks, there are no 'in the knows' and anyone that says they know, really doesn't, so why should we beat ourselves up over made up stories to drive traffic to websites and viewers to radio stations. There you go. If the line wasn't clear enough from yesterday, I hope it is now because the club are in the shit if they do and in the shit if they don't at the moment and from where I'm sitting - usually instigating a bit of banter and questioning the powers that be - it just doesn't feel right. Let them make the decision.

Taking out the eraser

Ashley Young is back on the table. The line has gone

As you know, I did draw a line under the Ashley Young speculation a few weeks ago, but it is getting to that time when I've got to either step over that line or rub it out. You see, I think he is off and I think it could happen any day now.

Lerner flew in at 9.29 yesterday morning and he is here for business. Top of the list will be Ashley Young (the managers job will be on another list headed secret plan) and there is going to be no messing about because what is going to happen is going to happen and there is no pointing hiding from it or putting it off.

Unless they are going to offer him the £100,000 a week that will keep him and get him to sign a new contract (remember, it is all about the cash and he wont get that much anywhere else), then I suspect he'll be signing for someone else this week or next and actually, money might not be the driving factor, he might really want to play Champions League football and he might want to do it right now instead of building something with us. Don't laugh, it is possible.

So, if he is off, he is off and I for one will wish him well. He might be a lot of things to a lot of different people but was there ever a period of time where you ever thought he didn't put the effort in or give 100%?

I don't know what more you can ask of a player and actually, if it is him (or his agent) asking for the money - factor in that Ashley Young has cost us £100,000 a week since he joined the club and that any new player we bring in and put on similar money will also cost us that (if we pay a £10mn fee), then if that is what it takes to get him to sign a new contract and we don't offer it, what more can we do?

So, if you're off this week Ashley, good luck. You will be missed and you could have been great with us but we all understand why.

Question of the day

There is another line, but I'm not rubbing that out just yet, instead I'm going all anorak on you and the question of the day is this; in 1895, the FA Cup was stolen from a shop window in Birmingham. What was the original reward offered for the recovery of the Cup? If you know, let me know below, if not, the answer tomorrow.

Football gossip

Richard Dunne is apparently interested Mad Mick at Wolves and King Carlos Cuellar could be back off to Rangers and yes, my application is in.