US press turning on Lerner, David O'Leary wears ladies clothes, Craig Gardner, Marlon Harewood and seven goal Heskey

This is going to be a slow week and I'm apologising now because I've just started a rumour that David O'Leary likes to wear ladies clothes just for some banter because I can't see anything coming from the club or any rumours worth the energy.

There is the little bit of news that Craig managed to reach and exceed his target thanks to visitors of The Villa Blog and I for one would just like to say thank you. Craig also has, but well done, thanks.

There is the other bit of news that the because the family haven't won anything in ten years. The reporter is even calling on Lerner to sell up, saying Lerner should keep to his word on another front and sell the team, referencing the same promise we got when Lerner took over.

It is easy to look at what the reporter has written and see why he has written it but the really interesting thing is when you read the comments they are very close to what we will get here. Also, in the land of ladies rugby, the perception of Lerner is very much the same as over here; keeps quiet, let's people do their jobs and provides money.

I would agree with all of those apart from the money but I'm not going to turn this post into a Lerner bashing although I did love one of the comments from a, I'm guessing female supporter called annetaylor; the "Anglophile" can focus on his English midlands estate and gay soccer team, Aston Villa!

Heskey has also spoken about accepting he might get stuck on the bench if Defoe starts ahead of him. Defoe has scored more goals so far this season than Heskey has scored for us since joining in January and almost as many as Heskey has scored in his entire England career. I reckon he has something on someone at the FA which is why he keeps getting picked. Maybe he has proof that O'Leary wears ladies clothes and maybe and luckily for Heskey, someone at the FA does it with him and he has them both in a photo or something.

Some speculation I've just found; Newcastle are pulling out of the deal for Harewood because he is injured. Oh, I've also just found some quotes from Gardner which are interesting.

Craig Gardner
It is very hard to compete against players like that but I’m not the kind to roll over. I intend to keep fighting for a place. We will just have to see what happens. All I can do is keep working hard, try and impress the manager and hope I get picked. But it is good to be part of such a great set-up.

Okay, things are really getting desperate, so I'm going to close the doors on this, spell check and publish. I have wallpapering to do, which I've never done before, so should be interesting.