Very happy with the result, man of the match vote and Sunday speculation

The post-mortem comes tomorrow but you have to be happy with the result yesterday. I was in the pub watching it which is why there was no after match post and why I've taken this long to post this - I don't like to comment on games when watching in the pub, as I tend not to see the whole match as I'm interested in the beer and banter as much.

But, it was a good result and I have seen it again this morning. West Brom have so far done very well this season and are still, after defeat yesterday, only two points from sixth. It was a derby and it was three points. You have to be happy, especially after some of the recent performances from us.

There is also no single reason why we won yesterday. You could look at the changes and suggest that they helped. I certainly think Cuellar and Lichaj should get another run and I'll even go so far as to say that making Young captain seemed to spur him on a little bit and could be good for the player.

It could also be that we upped the tempo yesterday and there was less focus on making forty passes and there seemed to be more focus on moving the ball up quickly, but it wasn't hit long and hope all the time, which was nice.

And I know some people can not understand this, but it is a season of transition and that result yesterday wasn't where it all changes, and we start to win and play better football from now on, it was just one of those games. We could lose 2-0 next time out or scrape by with a draw - there is still lots of work to be done. But it will be a relief to have won - we are now only four points from sixth.

Man of the Match vote

Sunday speculation

But we do have some rumours. First up is Aiden McGeady and yes, this isn't the first time. In fact this rumour is so old that whoever is reporting on it today has just proven that they know nothing.

The other rumour is that Manchester United are interested in paying £20mn for Ashley Young. This isn't true and I wouldn't be surprised if this was planted by agent. Sir Alex Ferguson is quite possibly the greatest manager alive today and if he was after Ashley Young, he'd make one himself - he certainly wouldn't pay £20mn for him.

Lastly, there is more speculation of player unrest. Apparently the players met on Wednesday and they are apparently unhappy with training methods, direction and tactics. All this after public backing from the CEO yesterday; the future doesn't look bright, but I suspect it is one or two that are leading this and that they'll probably be leaving us soon or shaping up.

At the same time, the players are paid a very handsome wage and they should just get on with it. I'd be very disappointed if Houllier isn't given a fair crack of the whip.