Vote for Savo to stand a chance of winning tickets to the League Cup final

I'm sitting on a post from Mowgs, not literally, but it is so long and I've tried twice to get through it all, I thought I'd start with a little post about the League Cup, as it's easier and a little more fun and sort of relevant.

Now, we're not in the final yet and there is every chance that we won't make it and that over two legs, the second at Villa Park, Blackburn will be just too much for us, but we might and to bring back a few memories, you have the chance to vote for the Savo Milosevic goal scored against Leeds in 1996 as the best moment in League Cup history.

What am I talking about? Well, this website lists the top fifty moments in League Cup history and if you vote for your favourite moment you get entered into a a draw to win two tickets to the final in February. Not that anyone is counting chickens.

But the Savo goal against Leeds isn't the only moment as they also list Chris Nicholl's 'wonder goal' against Everton, but there is no video for that one and most won't remember it although it was fantastic and you can see it here as the voting site, doesn't show it.

So, want to win tickets to the League Cup final, all you have to do is click here and vote. You don't have to vote for the Savo goal but it is the best and it only seems fair to vote for it.

If I can finally get through the post sent in by Mowgs I'll publish it later, otherwise, we're going to be putting up a preview post for the game on Saturday.

Click here to vote for the best moment in League Cup history