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We have to accept Barry is joining Liverpool, but we've got Defour coming in

There is a new rule in my house this morning, which goes something along the lines of, don't leave twelve bottles cold beer in the fridge. Normally, all you have to do is open the bottle close to me and I've got the taste, leaving twelve in the fridge is not on and it's asking for trouble.

The worrying thing is, I think I drank two or three of them watching TV by myself when I was finally by myself at about 11pm and I also think the wife put them in the fridge on purpose to ruin my night on the beers tonight, or to get me hone early. I won't be able to prove it as I don't have Vulcan mind skills and she'll never admit it, she smiles knowingly.

Anyway, just because I've got a bit of a headache doesn't mean I've not got responsibilities, so I've taken a little look around and please excuse my language, but it's all bullshit today but I did ask for more rumours, so it's all my fault.

Gareth Barry popping off to Liverpool has come up again and I know what we've been told, but Barry isn't stupid, he knew what he was doing when he said 'I'll stay if we playing in the Champions League' and it's a no lose scenario for him.

First, playing in the Champions League isn't finishing fourth, it's getting to the proper Champions League, or finishing third. If we don't he knows he can go to Liverpool and it's positioned in such a way that it's acceptable - hell, it's getting position that way by our manager. I can't help but think an agreement is in place.

But, if we don't get in, Barry will no doubt be a Liverpool player next season according The Sun and like I've said, I wouldn't be surprised if Barry had an agreement or shall we call it an understanding, with the manager over it.

But the Barry thing is something we just have to accept, the important thing is how the manager reacts when he does leave. Which leads me nicely onto the next piece of thing on my list.

Apparently, we're after 12 year old Steven Defour from Standard Liège. Sorry, that was supposed to be 20 years old and apparently we're ready to pay £13,000,000.00 for him. I've used the big number today, because well, I can't believe this will happen, not unless Martin O'Neill has been looking at YouTube clips of him and has seen something special.

In all seriousness, well as much as I can muster in my current state and with banter like this today, I fancy we've got to accept that Barry is off and this while I'm joking about this Steven Defour, by all accounts he is a very decent player and he won the Golden Shoe (most valuable player in the Belgian League) for the 2007 season.

Joking aside, Mbark Boussoufa, who we were linked to on Wednesday, also won the award for his 2006 season.

This is all I have at the moment, sorry. But I am out from about 2pm on that thing I mentioned yesterday so when I'm three or four in I'm hoping to open up and post something else, but it's a surprise post, one I think a few might like.