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When did he say that and video of the day for McLeish

I don't know what to write. It almost feels like that Alex McLeish is trying to do me a favour and prove me right, or actually, I was right all along. That sounds bad and as if I'm gloating, but I'm not, I'm just trying to say, as simply as possible for some, that we really shouldn't be surprised and this was always going to happen.

The thing is, I didn't see game, I couldn't and only 22,261 people actually did, but every report I have read this morning has as good as confirmed what I'm reading in the comments and what I have been told by two people that went - we were poor and it was a comfortable win for Bolton.

I really don't know what to write without getting stick, so I'm going to try and be positive. First, maybe it is because he isn't really focusing on silverware this season, but league position. Or maybe it was because we rested Darren Bent and Gabby and The Fonz alone didn't get any service.

What the manager said

This is going to make you think though. Did the manager say this last night or did he say it when he took over as manager or did he say it when he got relegated with his previous club?

Alex McLeish
The thing about life is when you get knocked down, you bounce back straight away. We have to look forward now. There are a lot of characters in that dressing room that will do that without question. They have to clear their heads a little bit.

Yes, he said it last night. But he said something similar about getting knocked down in August and when he took his previous club down. So, the song of the day, is for Mr McLeish, because this is where I have to leave it, having not seen the game. QPR at the weekend. We'll win that. Or actually, probably draw.

Video of the day for Mr McLeish