Wolves 1 Aston Villa 1: Not the best performance you´ll see this season

The second half saw us play with a little more determination but Wolves are no Chelsea, arsenal or Liverpool. They didn´t come at us like we sort of need them to and our game was ultimately different because of that.

You could say it was an off day but when they only have 38 days a season, an off day excuse doesn´t work. Basically, a fair result, if not the one we wanted or expected.

I predicted a win and when we lined up in a fairly static 442 against a 442 of Wolves, I thought we´d get it, mostly because the players we had start were better than the players they had start, but I think they wanted it more today.

I´ve not seen the stats yet and we will leave those to the post-mortem tomorrow but I´d not be surprised if it was all mostly fairly even. That in itself is a worry but it really shouldn´t be a big surprise.

Still, a point is better than nothing and it does mean we are still in 6th place for now and I don´t see Sunderland or Liverpool getting three points to move ahead of us.

So, 1-1, against Wolves. I´m going to think about it a little more before tomorrow but it was nice to see Heskey come on and be involved in the goal; does that mean now he should start every game?