Wolves 2 Aston Villa 3: Robbie Keane wins it

How do I start? I'm not going to go into the we will always win one in four with this manager or that this a match we were always going to win, I'm going to go with the Robbie Keane angle.

You see, he stared for us today for the first time and he won us the game - there is nothing else to say about it. It wasn't the football or the tactics, it was Robbie Keane with two goals from outside the box.

I'd like to be able to tell you that it was the tactics though, but we all know that isn't going to change, so I'm going to tell you why it was Robbie Keane; he is quality and he isn't a striker.

Robbie Keane just has it, a natural ability to play football and what he has you can't teach and you can't pass on - it is just natural and today, he showed us it and won us the game.

The Dirty Dingle

And as this is a short post just to tell you we won, I'm going to leave it soon, but I just want to mention Karl Henry - the dirty dirty player that deserves more than the three match ban he is going to get.

You see, he had a tussle with Albrighton and pretty much put him to the ground and held him down. As he was walking away, he used his heel to kick Albrighton in the chest, on purpose and very much intending to hurt him.

It was dirty and it sums him up and the Wolves supporters then on booed Albrighton - just going to show them for what they are too.

Dinner and more football

So now I leave you, in a good mood, as the wife has dinner on the table and there is another match starting soon. Oh, I love a Saturday when we win. #mcleishout - you know it makes sense.