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The 1%, the nerves, the kit and West Brom

It's been one of those weeks, again, sorry. It's been like this a lot the past few months and it must look like I don't care. But I do and you know that. And it's a big weekend, worthy of more posts. But it's only really today that I'm starting to think about it.

Before last weekend, I wrote something about preferring Leeds. I wrote that because they have been the only side that I remember this season playing the right way against us, but that is just my view. And I think Derby can beat Leeds over two legs and I think we can also beat Derby. Although Frank the Bank has a touch of fortune about him and that does worry me.

But then, after I write that, I think about us. I think about Tyrone Mings, John McGinn, Jed Steer, Jack Grealish, Tammy Tammy Tammy, El Ghazi, Hause, Hutton, Tuanzebe, every other player and Dean Smith. I think about the quality, the passion, the team spirit. And I think we're better.

By better, I mean when you add it all up our score is higher. On the day we might be at 98% for passion and West Brom might be at 99%, but our team spirit, our quality and purpose will be better. When you mix it all up, I think we will have more.

And this isn't blind optimism. And I know I've left names out. We've got evidence and bags of it. We lost to Norwich in what was ultimately a nothing game for us.

It's hard to find that extra 1% in each area when you have an eye on the next weekend and I don't think anyone can be blamed for that and I think everyone accepts that 1% for each of those areas can make the difference.

But make no mistake, West Brom wont be a walk in the park and if we've learnt anything from this week, it's that surprises are just around the corner.

And tomorrow, two hours before kick off I have to get on a flight. I'm going to miss the first 25 minutes, so I'm expecting email updates from you all for the first 25 minutes, because I will have WiFi.

In other news

Luke 1977 wont be making the kits next season and that's quite sad. Think about it, we had a local making the kits and a local that loves the Club. When this was announced last year, I even noted the importance of that. It put something back to the community and I don't just mean Luke 1977, I mean us.

Now, it looks like it will be Kappa, the Italian based company that have no connection with us. Or maybe even Adidas, because Kappa is still just a rumour, even if their Wikipedia page lists them as our manufacturer for next season (yes, I know anyone can edit a Wikipedia page).

And this isn't a thing, Luke 1977 are still involved but I like local, especially when it's an option. It should be the first question on the checklist and it should carry weight. But like I've written about kits before, it will be claret and blue and I don't look good in them, so it doesn't really bother me that much.

So we move on. To tomorrow. Don't forget the emails. There will be a post up before I take off, but the nerves are starting to kick in. And they should.