A Christmas post, a look at Swansea and January next week

Christmas isn't particularly something that I enjoy. Sure, a few days off work is nice, but I tend to use the free time to follow up on emails that I've left unread or update whatever I've got to update for the new year. The part I really dislike is the consumerism around it all and the need to buy other people presents. But I'm a grumpy old man and you all know that.

Don't get me wrong though, spending some time with the kids, the football, the wine and beer and maybe a glass or two of something else is quite nice. And not having to get up in the morning and staying in bed to watch a film, it makes it work while.

But this post is about Swansea and to another extent our form of late. I write that because I'm a big fan of form and right now we're doing okay and find ourselves eighth in the form table. Form table is a good indicator. It's not always right, but it's an indicator and we have to have something to fall back on.

In the last six games we've picked up eight points and sure, you could easily argue that 1.3 points a game is not actually that great, but it is better than the 1.1 point per game we're used to getting with this manager. And 1.3 points per game is going to get you 49 points in a season, which last season would have been 10th, eighth the season before that and 10th again the season before that.

And if we're going to put so much weight on form and points per game over a season, then we should also know that we're doing better than Swansea at the moment who have only picked up seven points from the last six games. It's almost a six pointer tomorrow.

And in other news and speculation

And ahead of the game tomorrow, we've got some news, that I'm going to list, because it's quicker and easier.

  • The red card awarded by Manchester United to Gabby has been overturned.
  • The manager is going to sit down with Tom Cleverley with a view to asking him to sign for the club.
  • We're going to see lots of stories about Vlaar and Delph from the club and others. January starts next week and if they're going to go, they're going to go.

And on that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I'm planning on falling asleep in front of the TV today and if I am going to be successful at that, I need to start my preparation now.