A German midfielder, a striker from Spurs and Lerner speaks in transfer window about funds been made available

I'm in a pretty bad way this morning but that is mostly because of a surprise birthday party we had for the wife yesterday and the bath tub full of beer and vodka, but there are some interesting stories doing the rounds this morning to perk me up a little.

First is the German midfielder from Bayern Munich called Tim Borowski. The rumour is we are going to pay £5mn. and for a 29 year old this would be madness in my opinion. I know £5mn. isn't a lot of money these days in the grand scheme of things but for a player that has peaked it is far too much. But it is only a rumour.

The next rumour is one I quite like and while Robbie Keane is 28 years old and is maybe at the top of his game right now, this would be a good player for a season or two and he plays in that Steven Gerrard type role sitting behind the main striker. It would be a pretty clear indication that O'Neill is up for changing things around next season.

I'm just not sure Keane would come when he has just gone back to Spurs and I'm not so sure if Spurs would really want to sell him. He has a very good goal to game ratio and he is a forum favourite, or appears to be anyway. Still, another rumour and we just have to wait and see.

Last up today and back to our owner who is doing more talking in the press and for a man who doesn't talk to the press he has a habit of talking to them at the right time each summer. What he is saying now though is a little contradictory.

Randy Lerner
Martin's achievements have been superb. We have improved steadily and we have qualified for Europe two seasons in a row. He has a reputation as a very good manager, with good success, and that will play a part when playing are thinking of coming to Aston Villa.

The funds will be in place for him.

I say it is slightly contradictory only because a few weeks ago we were told that not as much money as last season would be made available and now, at the height of season ticket sales period, we are told money will be available. Does it remind you of anyone?

One thing is for sure and that is serious money needs to be invested if we are to kick on and I think this is a defining summer for Randy Lerner.