A good weekend, two to go and did Harry Kane cheat?

Two games to go. Same points as Spurs. Both playing for the last European place. What an end to the season and what a time to be an Aston Villa supporter. 

And if we don't finish seventh, I don't think I'm going to be that bothered. Sure, I'd love it and it would make next season a little more interesting, but it's not going to define this season for me. This season will be defined by the sacking of one manager and the new one coming in.

I also don't want to get my hopes up. I mean, we've got Liverpool, then Brighton and Spurs have Brentford followed by Leeds. I think the smart money will be on Spurs finishing above us and I'm okay with that.

Don't get me wrong, if results go for us on Saturday it's going to become a little like Christmas Eve for a week, but right now I'm just happy with how things are going to end this season because it gives a lot of optimism for next season. And next season might be better if there are fewer games. Just a thought. 

The relegation battle

You know what I've done. I just don't want to write or think about it anymore than we probably all are. Besides, I think it's more interesting at the bottom of the table at the moment so this post is pivoting. 

And I say more interesting because it only feels like last season that Leicester won the Premier League and if Everton do go down, it almost feels like if they don't come up at first time of asking, it could be the last time we see Everton for a long time.

And I can't predict who it will be. I'd like to see Forest stay up only because they're a proper club. But views and opinions don't buy ice cream. Just like it could be a massive weekend for us, I suspect it could be for one or two of these four also.

And before I click publish. Did Harry Kane cheat? I think he did.