A look at Crewe, some highlights and the importance of winning

I've not posted since the weekend and not because I didn't want to. I've had a cold and there was always this post coming, because of the match tonight. And tonight, it's the return of the League Cup and we travel to Crewe.

But before tonight, a look at the weekend and what can I write that hasn't already been written? First, I should start on the atmosphere. I don't recall hearing anything like that in a long time and long may it continue. I think everyone will agree, that it makes a difference.

And I could write a post about possession statistics and question why we allowed Everton so much of the ball, but that isn't a question for now. It's a question for three months or even next season, if it's still happening. This week is about walking around with a smile on my face.

You see, after so much negativity from a very small group of people and I say so much people because they believe they have to be negative with every comment and they comment a lot, it's nice to see that we are two points from a top four place after three matches.

I mean, had someone offered that, we'd all have taken it and even though I didn't particularly like the approach to the match, it's about the three points and however you get them. It's really all that is important.

A little look at Crewe

So with an eye on Crystal Palace at the weekend, we travel north today and this tournament, while the baby brother of the real tournament you want to win, is still silverware and still important. And winning matches is good for confidence. We will, I suspect head north tonight and play a strong side, not the strongest possible and we will, I believe triumph.

You see, the manager will know how important it is to start a winning streak. Palace went to Old Trafford at the weekend and won, but a few sides will do that this season and the manager will know that Palace are there for the taking. It wont be easy and we can't treat it like Spurs, but we can win it.

And it all starts tonight. The win tonight is important.