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A question of depth and a look to Wigan

I'm just going to come out and say it; it's been a hard few days for Aston Villa supporters. Twelve goals conceded in two games. None scored. Worst ever top-flight defeat. Worst goal difference in the Premier League and only Hartlepool has worse when looking at the top four leagues.

That should be enough. But there is more and the question has to be asked; is Lambert out of his depth? It's a serious question, because even if you take away the two spankings and for a moment pretend we drew those matches, we'd still be exactly where we find ourselves right now in the table.

I'm one for giving him time but the question should be asked. You can take Chelsea as a one off but against Spurs we looked like the away side and at one stage the corner count was 14-0 to them.

The worrying thing is this; if we get beaten against Wigan, it will no longer turn into a question, some will be saying he is. And look back; what has he done to warrant the job? He's been in football management since 2005 and we're his fifth club.

A look to Wigan

But we should beat Wigan and that will give him time and we've got a semi-final against a team we should beat, especially over two legs and on any day any team can win a ninety minute football match, so the season isn't over yet.

And I'm not going to go into the number of players he signed that started against Spurs or the age of the team. They're all men and they should act like men and not look for excuses.

Tomorrow is a massive match. Tomorrow is a real six pointer and it isn't even the New Year yet. Lose tomorrow and we could find ourselves in the relegation zone going into 2013 and nobody is going to like those apples.