A rumour, some delusion and a League Cup match

It's a night of football in one of the two tournaments we have a chance of winning, albeit not as slim as you might have thought .. after all we got to the final of the other last season.

So this is a serious match. Make no mistakes, we can not lose. This has to be a win and we have to be playing in the next round. There is nothing else that matters and I expect that we'll win and I expect a lot of positive comment after the match, dashed with some expectation setting.

But it's not just about the match tonight, we've also had an interesting rumour and a deluded fool doing a David O'Leary the last couple of days so before we settle on the build up to tonight, let's have a look.

More players to come?

First up is the rumour that we're about to sign Roma's attacking midfielder Adem Ljajic. And I believe this because, well I'm not sure I do. I don't actually think we need another midfielder and I know you could say we don't have enough 'attacking' midfielders, but that's rubbish. If we play an attacking style of football and we've got someone in midfield, we've got an attacking midfielder.

It's also worth pointing out that most of our midfielders are so young that they've not really found their preferred position yet. They might very well all be attacking midfielders in a side that end up playing not to lose football. Which actually brings me nicely onto the next part. You see, we've got a wannabe coming up.

Paul Lambert 101

And when I mentioned David O'Leary higher up and why I could mention Alex McLeish if I wanted, we've got Paul Lambert trying to re-write history to make getting a job a little bit easier. The thing Paul Lambert hasn't figured out yet is that for him to get another job in the Premier League, he's got two options; he goes overseas and proves himself or he goes back into the Championship and brings a side up again.

The thing is, he's got to be a good manager to make that happen and well, we'll find out how good he is when he finds a job, but I get a feeling he is looking. He might have made a fair few quid with us and at Norwich but when you've got little coming in and more going out each month, you don't need an accountant to tell you that it's time to start earning again.

I mention Lambert, because he's now suggesting we've spent a lot of money and that he's quite annoyed. Maybe I should call this math 101 and not Paul Lambert 101.

Updates and team news

With all that said, a match kicks off later. Team news and updates coming. Any predictions?