Albrighton and Delfouneso released, head off into the sun

First, I'll just mention that Nathan Delfouneso was such a prospect that it's sad when it doesn't work out, but by all accounts he started to believe the hype surrounding him and when that happens at such a young age, it can go either way but not usually the way the player wants. Like I said, it's sad. But we move on.

He's gone and much like the Moore brothers, he'll be looked on in years to come as a player that could have done great things but it just never happened.

But the news that most surprised me from last week was Albrighton getting released. The lad had so much potential and when you can't keep one of your own Academy graduates with so much potential at the club, it has to be a worry. It's a worry because if you're going to organically become a better side, you have to do it with as many of your own players as possible.

That and I seem to remember the manager saying something about it getting done.

So much potential

The thing with Albrighton was he didn't always show up and while he would always make a good pass or two or several when he was looking good, he wasted so many more opportunities. But that can be developed and players can make less of those.

But it just looked like he didn't look up. He'd get to the line, have nowhere else to go and then just cross because he had nowhere else to go and more often than not it wouldn't beat the first man or would go too far and beat the last man.

And he'd go missing. But sometimes and you saw this clear as day, he could change a game with his enthusiasm. And that is what should have been harnessed and developed. But I don't understand why it wasn't and I think Leicester will benefit hugely from his time with us. And with just a little coaching, because he has the talent, he could go a long way. He was so close to becoming a really really good player. And we let him go for nothing.

And I fancy it will haunt us in years to come, especially if he ends up with a manager that can see that potential and develop it. But if the rumours that he was offered £5k extra week somewhere else are true, it will be be more than just sad.

Business is getting done

And I know I say this every season, but the transfer window is open and other clubs, albeit not that many, are doing business. I'd not be surprised if we did some soon too, but that is just me reading into one or two things and probably coming up with something of little substance.

And we might not need any new players if the stories that all the players that were of no interest to the manager are now of interest. Talk is that Darren Bent is going to be allowed back into the fold and who knows, we could even start with Hutton next season. They'll certainly bring the average age up.

And with not a sniff of a buyer (watch, news will break today) it looks like it really is going to be a long summer. But, that feeling that we might be doing business quite soon is still with me, but don't ask my why I've got it, you'll laugh out loud.