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I could be in trouble for this and McLeish is gone at the end of the season

Sometimes it snows in April. Sometimes a monkey gets it right. Throw enough money at the Premier League and you'll win it (Manchester City might prove that point on Monday night, like Chelsea and Blackburn have in the past). Sometimes, a lot at the moment, I really would like to just slap Alex McLeish across the face and tell him to wake up.

Let me be clear, I'm not trying to assault McLeish, it is more a slap to bring someone back from hysteria. The man talks in riddles and he doesn't have a clue. He needs someone to do this.

Last month it was something about 'the more you lose, the more you don’t win' and yesterday he started talking about how it was a calculated gamble to bring back Dunne but then immediately, as in the same sentence, saying he had no choice, because the player wanted to play.

I don't know. I really don't. If you see Alex today, give him a slap. Don't assault him and beat the crap out of him. In fact, tell him you are going to slap him. Warn him that he needs it. Then slap him across the face. Only if he is talking in riddles still. Could I get into trouble for this?

I guess if I could, why not slap Paul Faulkner about a bit too. Not in a way that will get you into trouble, but a bitch slap sort of way - I have a feeling he is used to that. I said jump Paul.

Want me to philosophise some of this for you

I'm sorry. Today has turned into banter. We all knew we were not going to win yesterday, even though we needed it. Want me to break that down for you? Are you stupid and do you need to be told? Want me to feed you your opinion?

I'm sorry again, but the internet has a lot to answer for. Honestly.

I am sorry. There, said it again. But it is a joke. Most knew it was a joke when he was appointed and the bit above, about bitch slapping Paul Faulkner, don't do it. Randy does it enough and we don't need to make it worse for him. It was a joke. Don't get me into trouble. Also, don't bitch slap McLeish. Feel sorry for McLeish instead for his failings.

Feel sorry because the man will always be remembered as the man that relegated Hibs, relegated The Clowns and had Rangers finish outside of the top two. It isn't his fault.

Alex McLeish also knows he is off and we all know they should have done it months ago. They had no bottle, but they also can not do it now. Sure, we are not in a good place, but sacking the manager could be a catastrophe. We might actually need the two points he will get us and if we change manager, it could turn out that we get no points, just as easily as it turning out we get six.

But, McLeish is gone, so there is no need to call for it any more and there is certainly no need for a protest at the next home game. The manager is gone, we all know it. Now is all about waiting. And hoping.