It's all on Bruce now and let's hope it doesn't come down to his grandchildren

I had a post ready for yesterday but didn't post it, because it seemed like a waste of time. I didn't think any new players were coming in and I only thought possibly four were going to leave. None really left yesterday and while I secretly hoped Gabby would go, he was never going to leave in the last year of his contract and give up on that pay day next summer.

So we can finally move forward with no more talk of players coming in and players leaving. We're in a very good place now and fortunately, without the owner having to get involved, although lets be clear, had he not played table tennis with Sam Johnstone last season, we might not have got him to sign up for this season.

And it has to happen this season. If it doesn't, we're in a whole world of trouble as there is no more money coming from China. This year we made a profit on transfers that will in essence pay the salaries of the players we brought in. Next season, we will not be in that fortunate a position if we don't go up and our owner doesn't have a pot to piss in, so if it doesn't happen this season and I've warned everyone to brace themselves, don't expect it to happen any time soon and certainly not with this owner.

It's all on Steve Bruce

So this is where I get to the part where I say we have to knuckle down and we have to get fully behind the manager. There can be no changes now. Anyone that suggests we change the manager is wanting to be admitted. It would just be ridiculous.

There is no more transfer window and in all likelihood no more cash.

Change brings disruption.

Love him or hate him, Steve Bruce is our best chance of success.

So, if we all agree that we want promotion this season, we have to get behind this manager and his team. Any other positions means you don't want promotion this season or that it doesn't matter to you.

And if I haven't made myself clear in previous posts, it's going to be harder for us this season, because last season we were a Championship side. And you might think this next part ridiculous, but I believe it to be true; it's going to take everything for it to work this season, from the manager, the players and supporters. If you ever wanted a defining season, this is it.

We don't go up this season and I can tell you now, we're going to be stuck here for years and we've got an owner that doesn't understand that value of things, so we're going to be stuck with him not knowing what he's doing. By the time he has figured it out, it will be his grandchildren that are running the Club.

Mr Bruce, don't make me look a fool.