An Aston Villa sale and Manchester United and QPR coming up

I love a good Aston Villa sale rumour and there are a few doing the rounds and it really is looking more likely now ... as long as we can stay in the Premier League. And I think that will happen. And I think the people interested will also think that can happen.

And that is why the stories have started up again. That and the sheer amount of money available for someone that comes in and manages the investment right. And make no mistakes, it is an investment and they'll be here to make money. But don't be down about that, there is every chance and it's extremely likely, that they'll do what Randy did when he first arrived.

The hope from this blogger is that the deal happens very quickly and that the manager has time to get the players in that he wants. Or the players come that someone wants. Or actually that the players that come strengthen our starting eleven, want to play for Aston Villa and can provide some hope that we're going in the right direction.

And you all know what I don't want. But we'll get it. And we'll get it because this new owner or this investment group are looking at the teams like Newcastle and seeing how much they are making and they're thinking they want some of that too. Newcastle made a record annual profit of £18.7mn for 2013-14, the fourth year in a row they've made money and their supporters accept that they're never going to win anything and that they should just be happy they are in the Premier League.

Hopefully we have a new owner or investment group that think a little differently and actually want to win something and climb the table. We'll know quite soon and it's then just about if we accept that or we don't and that is very much an individual decision.

Manchester United at the weekend

So we leave the rumours and move onto football matters. And actually, before we get onto that, you know I don't like rumours usually, but the club sale and Randy Lerner or Tom Fox, they're all worthy rumours. They're all worth a little discussion. Anyway, moving on to the football.

First up is Old Trafford and I know I might get ribbed a bit for this next bit, but this is a good time to be playing Manchester United. They'll be very well organised and no doubt a threat and absolutely no doubt clear favourites for the match, but we're a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment and that isn't something that I think Louis van Gaal will be too happy about.

Yes, he'll be able to look at the last few matches under Sherwood but I think all he's going to get out of that is that we always have a good half. There is no clear this is how we're going to play and that I think is going to create opportunity for us. It's can we see the opportunities and can we make the most of them. We'll find out, but either way, we're not in the bottom three by close of business on Saturday and Burnley have Spurs on Sunday. It means the match on Tuesday is the must win game.

QPR at Villa Park

Midweek games at Villa Park under the lights are always good games. Okay, I'm maybe remembering something, but it's nice and hopeful. But it is a must win game on Tuesday night and if we can get something on Saturday, it will make it even more special. Imagine having six more points by Wednesday morning; the way this season is panning out, we'll be as good as up and then the selling of Aston Villa can begin.

And yes, I'm getting a little carried away as to win both would be more than just impressive, but you've got to think on the Wednesday before a Saturday game that you can beat any side and if you don't think you can beat the side next to bottom at home in a mid week game then you might as well go home now.

So with my optimistic view of Aston Villa written, I'll kick on with some work. It's all about finding opportunities today. Should be a fun one.