An idea to raise funds: Sell shares in Aston Villa

This came to me last night when I was settling down for an early night and it's not a new idea as we did it in 1996, but times are different today and I think it could be hugely successful.

It's going to be a lot easier to make people aware today than it was back then and there will likely be more interest just because people have more money today than they did in the 90's and there are also more supporters of Aston Villa. So, how would you like to own a bit of Aston Villa Football Club?

Forget about just owning a but, as a shareholder you'll have a say and vote. Okay, your .0005% ownership might not entitle you to much say, but if everyone agrees and there is a significant enough people saying the same thing, then the board will have to listen.

So forget about renaming Villa Park for a few quid each season; make Aston Villa the supporters club and sell some shares. And rather than pretending to listen to what supporters want, let those supporters that are serious about wanting to have a say put their money where their mouth is.

I'm all for Lerner doing this and my money is waiting. Would you buy shares in Aston Villa?