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An important week for Dean Smith and another Friday night match

So, here we are. A new manager, one that many wanted and things not working out as they expected. Three games in and one win isn't what any of us were hoping for but it was six days and three matches. What did you all expect?

I know this doesn't need to be written, but I'm going to anyway. We're 11 points fro top spot fifteen games into the season. Add that to the paragraph above and it's not so bad. By that I mean, this is the first week the manager is going to have with the team. And it's not even a full week.

These things take time because they don't happen overnight. Change takes time and change brings disruption. It's about managing that change and minimising the disruption. Doing both isn't actually that difficult, you make a plan and you limit changes so they don't all happen at once.

So this is an important week for Dean Smith. He's had a very good opportunity to see the players, their strengths and weaknesses and he also knows how he wants the team to play. He'll match the players to that system and where it works, we'll be good and where it doesn't, he'll adapt. I don't think he's going to ask a player to do something he can't.

But we do have good players and that is why this week is important. You see, the manager is going to spend time this week running drills and talking to the players. This is his first week when he gets time to show them what he wants based on what they've done. It's the time he gets to demonstrate how the little things can have a big impact.

So much negativity

Look, I didn't want the manager changed. I also didn't like his style of football, but I saw it coming. It was coming because we had new owners and a new CEO and a group of supporters that were not happy. Today, if you don't have instant success and by instant I mean in your first full season, you're in trouble. But this manager has had three games and there is already too much negativity getting thrown about.

We have to accept that we're not a Premier League Club and we're in a hole. Even if we get out of this hole this season (something I think we can do), it's going to be very hard. But those are the things we have to accept. Much like it's not going to happen instantly.

And why this week is important. Some are going to see this week as pivotal. The manager has an entire week, so he must be able to fix it, considering the calibre of player we have. And if he doesn't, the negativity will increase, because that is what so many supporters seem to crave these days.

Me, I'm just looking forward to Bolton. I think it will be a good game and it's Friday night again and that means the weekend is free.

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