Another three points, Hibs and Cameron Archer

It was a performance to be very happy with for many reasons, not least it's another three points. The formation was different, our game was different and everything about yesterday was just solid. 

Matty Cash played out of position, albeit something he does but he wasn't a full back and scored twice. We played with a back three of Konsa, Carlos and Torres all arguably playing something new (they're all centre backs but played in a back three) and they looked solid, very solid. And we also brought on Zaniolo with 20 to go and he could have scored twice, but looked like he's going to be a fun player to watch.

And when I say our game was different, it wasn't just that we look like we're getting better, I know we are, but the performance was different to Hibs in the week and Everton last time out. I can't put my finger on it, but it left me impressed. At half time, it was almost as if we had another gear. Now I've got it, we approached the game differently and played differently.

And not just formation, although that was absolutely part of it, the pace of the game was different or the movement was different. I think we were narrower up top and at the same time wanting to play wide. I'm not sure, can someone shed some light on this?

And after three games we find ourselves seventh. Now, we all know this means nothing but we're nearly 10% of the season through and we are where we ended last season. I think after six games (15% of the season) it will be a little easier to feel confident that we're continuing from last season, but right now, things feel good.

In other news

This is the sad part. Not sad in my pet died sad, but sad in the I got three numbers and was so close with the other three in the lottery sad. Cameron Archer has joined Sheffield United for a reported £18,000,000.00.

Now, the money is good but he's one of our own. He's a player that we've seen come through the ranks and when out on loan, at Preston and Boro, he did the business. You could maybe position it that doing the business at those sides in that League is as good as doing it in the USA or Turkey and that as one of our own, it might be nice to give him a chance, but I trust this manager and have complete faith in what he wants to do.

So it's sad, because he was one of ours and was a proper prospect. I hoped we'd see him do it at Aston Villa, but now, he's got the number 10 shirt at Sheffield United instead. There are rumours that there are a couple of clauses in the contract that mean he might come back if they get relegated (which seems strange) or we get first refusal if he is to leave Sheffield United, but all this is just social media talk, we don't know and probably never will.

But it's sad. Good luck Cam, you're going to be a star. 

Up next

So another busy week. Hibs on Thursday and Anfield on Sunday. Hibs will come without a manager I think and Liverpool will be full of beans after the performance at Newcastle yesterday.