Arsenal 1 Aston Villa 3: Chelsea up next

Well, that was a pretty good start to the season wasn't it and didn't I tell you it was written in the stars and that there would be boos?

And don't those Arsenal supporters moan? I was listening to the 606 phone in on Saturday night and it was Arsenal fan after Arsenal fan complaining about the ref and the club not spending any money.

They didn't mention that Jack Wilshire dived on more than one occasion or that they were lucky not be down to ten men after Szczesny brought down Gabby in the box after 20 minutes.

No, the Arsenal fans booed their manager at full time and moaned and moaned all weekend. It was bloody fantastic. Sadly, if we have a similar result on Wednesday, the Chelsea fans wont react in the same way but the media might start to look seriously at what we're doing.

What was more fantastic though, was our performance. Sure, we didn't pass it about like Arsenal but what we did do was clinical and we also made everything count. We beat Arsenal because we deserved to beat Arsenal.

And little else needs to be written by me on this, we did the business and we did it well.

Fantasy football league

And with almost the first round of matches played, the fantasy league has taken it's initial shape and I have to tell you, I'm not doing that badly. You'll see me on the first page in 30th place with players to play tonight.

And before I go, I'm hoping comments will be okay on this page, sorry about the issue last time. We've figured it out and we're just waiting to see if it happens again.