Arsenal, VAR, Brighton and a joy to watch

I've written this before, but I wrote a post and just didn't publish it. Before you know it, the post is too late and there is another match on the horizon. The only thing I want to say about Arsenal is, that if you can't beat ten men in the same League, there are problems.

And that having not beaten ten men the week before wasn't a reason to work on it, then there are bigger problems. But it's also fair to assume that nobody expected us to be playing ten men so soon so it might have got pushed from the perspective of priority.

But I did enjoy moments of the Arsenal match. And not just when it was 11 v 11, when they had ten men too. We did look good in parts. I don't like that I'm hearing bits about the players have to be more up for it or fearless. But that is another post. And it's fair to easily write that we could have drawn.

Because VAR played a part against Arsenal. Is VAR all it's cracked up to be? I don't particular like it because you never really know. I quite like that mistakes can be made in one match, but made up in another. Decisions can go your way one week and not the next.

But when something happens and VAR doesn't pick up on it, isn't it broken and should it really be used if it doesn't work?

League Cup

But that has happened and tonight we play Brighton and this is a match both sides will want to win. This would be a good match for us to win too because it's against a side we're going to be playing two more times this season.

And they have a decent manager, they sit above us in the League and I fancy they'll be very well organised. Away from home might be good for us too.

But we desperately need a win. If it doesn't come tonight, the weekend can't come soon enough. If it doesn't happen then, then I think we have reason to be concerned.