The three points, as it stands, that one player and why

I spent yesterday looking at one document. It was just under 200 pages and I'm looking to make sure before we send it, nothing is going to trip us up but more importantly that it's easy to follow. The easy to follow part is the part that can also trip us up.

You see, just because I think something is clear to understand, doesn't mean others will see it that way. Sure, my work audience is different to the audience here but one thing I've learn this past year is that nothing should be taken for granted.

Don't worry, I'm not going to start writing about IOTA, machine learning or automation. Instead I'm going to bang the Steve Bruce drum. Love him or hate him and for whatever reason, now is the time, if you're an Aston Villa supporter, to accept that he's here for the season and that you've got two options; support or don't.

If you don't want to support, that doesn't give you license to slag him or the players off (apart from Gabby and we don't really mean slag off, but have a pop). It means you keep quiet and you wait for the optimism to take hold. Slagging off and moaning has an impact and guess what; it's not a positive one.

On the other hand, you can support and by that, you might start to enjoy the football again and be happy with the results. Sure, we're not playing like Arsenal in the 90's or Barcelona. But we never have.

Remember the playground when you scored? You didn't care about the movement, it was that pass and that shot or header. Formation didn't matter either. It was that long ball that bounced perfectly just in front of you. Lets enjoy the wins.

As it stands

So, with 19 games to go, we're five points from automatic promotion. And in April, we play both teams above us and I suppose you could say, they are lined up as six pointers right now. In short, it's all to play for and I think our squad are going to play an important role now.

And I know I don't usually advocate new players for the sake of new players and I'd usually strongly argue the case for not bringing in a new player. Now is different.

It's not about bringing someone in because we need a position filled, it's about bringing a player in that can give us that belief. John Terry was one, but to have another now, a player that can jump into a game or even someone that could strengthen to the end of the season but no questions asked strengthen, I mean real quality, then it's only going to be valuable.

And value is crucial. If it's a player that we're going to question the value of, then the risk is too great. If it's a player that we can all agree is going to create value for ninety minutes or five, then that's the player I think we need. And yes, there are not many of those about, but they are out there and it it's just about the salary i.e. a loan until the end of the season, it's a lot easier to get done and it really does come down to the money.

It's possible and to eliminate or drastically reduce the risk, it's just about money. Want to have Villa Park shine, spend. It will help if done right.

It's all about the three points