Aston Villa at Arsenal: Will you be watching?

Well, it was always going to come to an end at Arsenal, that much we knew. But nobody really thought it was going to come to an end this way, but it does and we move on. And for some, it will literally mean moving on because they've had enough.

And you can't blame some for that, you really can't. A new owner would change things, but only if it was the right owner and for the most part it would be more PR that brought them back. But, you know what, if we can keep Lerner and we have the right type of positive support next season, there is every chance we will come straight back up and that it will be a very exciting season.

And yes, a new owner could get us promoted too but all the evidence points to stability as the key factor in coming back at first time of asking.

At Arsenal

And I know this wont be liked by many, but I'm not really that bothered by today. I sort of know what Eric Black is going to do; he'll play a token youngster or two and five at the back. I mean, five at the back when you're relegated.

And we will more than likely lose. But what is more annoying than anything is that when we were confirmed as relegated, there was a point. The point was to look at the youngsters and drop every player that wont wear the shirt again.

We had something to do, but we didn't. Instead, the online manager decided to play the older players and he went out to not lose games. The point we had upon relegation was to see who was going to represent the club next season, give them some extremely valuable Premier League experience and then inspire us to believe next season was going to be something special.

There was a point in watching the games. Even if Black drops everyone today and only plays the kids, there is no point. They needed five games, not one. Today is pointless for Aston Villa. Probably in more than one way.

I might or might not watch. You decide what you're going to do. I might be back later.