Full of smiles, Aston Villa to beat Norwich and West Brom to beat Wigan

Seeing as we've fully recovered from Monday night and news is filtering out that Lowton, Benteke and Weimann are going to get new deals and there is a hugely positive feeling about Aston Villa at the moment, is it a good time to ask for another performance like the one from Monday night, tomorrow?

If West Brom beat Wigan and we beat Norwich there will be an eight point difference and Wigan will have three games left. I'm not saying it would mean we are safe, as mathematically we wouldn't be, but Wigan would then need to beat Swansea and Arsenal to take it to the last game of the season needing to beat us and that assumes we pick up no points against Chelsea.

I'm just saying; if we can win tomorrow and West Brom also win, it would need something spectacular to happen for us to not stay in the Premier League for another go and then hopefully this horrid season can be over and we can look to the next ... with renewed optimism.

You see, I for one will be happy when this season is over. I've not really enjoyed it. Sure, there have been moments that have made me smile, but overall, it's been very depressing and while there has been more, how should I say this, things going on and reason to be interested, it hasn't been for the right reasons.

West Brom win, we win

And if those two things above happen, we can look forward to what I think will be a summer full of speculation, possibly a new signing or two, but quite probably a few players leaving.

And hope that next season continues how this one ended, because I think we will beat Norwich and Wigan and I wouldn't be surprised if we beat Chelsea too and if we do, I'll just be hoping that the belief stays for next season and we continue where we left off.

Naturally, I could have jinxed it all and it goes down to the last game of the season, but if I had to pick a side, I'd pick the side full of smiles.

In other football news

I'm just adding this because I've read about it and I've got an opinion. First; the new Manchester United CEO, can someone tell him what his role at Manchester United actually is please!

Also, it appears the ship is about to sink at Newcastle. Call it conspiracy theories if you want, but would it surprise anyone?