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We got what we deserved yesterday and it has to change

Yesterday was a great example of us nearly getting what we went for and another great example of what not to do next season. And I'm starting to tire of this and that doesn't feel nice.

The manager didn't send the team to Liverpool to win. We went there yesterday to not lose and it nearly worked. But we all know that when you go out to not lose, chances are you are going to lose.

I'm fed up watching our players play this way. It's not what Aston Villa should be about. And we've had enough examples this season to know we can do it differently.

You all know, I'm all good about this season so this isn't me suggesting anything, but it does feel a little like me getting to the end of my tether. You see, we might have lost to a late goal from Liverpool, but it shouldn't have had to go that late after VAR disallowed a goal for them. We were essentially fortunate to only lose 2-1.

Yes, I'm aware it was technically offside, but every football fan knows that should have stood. If you say different, it's for effect. VAR has ruined the game.

And anything else we hear from Aston Villa is the internal PR machine trying to change the narrative. We were well and truly beaten yesterday and I for one find it embarrassing that we go out and play like that. It surprises me that our manager does this.

We have 44 points and we're not going down. We're not going to finish in a European place and we don't deserve to. But we could drop Trezeguet and El Ghazi and we could start with Ramsey and Davis. We could try something new. I don't mind losing if we have tried to win. When we try to not lose, I believe we deserve to.

This season can end any way the manager decides but if it continues this way, the very first time next season he sends them out to no lose, the supporters will turn on him. It's not the Aston Villa way and no side that ever approached a game this way ever won anything.

It has to change.