The silent majority, walking in the rain, Twitter IQ test and Barnsley

Fortunately, most Aston Villa supporters are not on Twitter. More fortunately, most people don't take Twitter too seriously. And if you left it to the majority of Aston Villa fans on Twitter, we'd likely be on our third manager of the season.

One thing I can say though is that we have to start winning soon, or the owner, a bit of a Twitter fan himself, will possibly do something. Mostly to keep the Aston Villa fans on Twitter happy. Yes, I know.

So that is all written and even though it's exactly one month since we last lost a match and even though the team in third has lost as many games as us, two facts that seem to be lost on the users of Twitter, we have to sack the manager, so we can get someone else in, who is clearly so talented they are out of work, before likely sacking them too in time for January so we can spend even more money we don't have on more players, to be assured of Championship football next season.

At Barnsley

Ah! I have to stop that. I have to ignore the Twitter users. They don't even know they are winding me up. They're like the wind and they never learn. I did think about using Twitter for an experiment, but I think it would be lost on them. But it's a channel to send updates, so I send updates. And while I have engaged recently with some people, it's just not worth my time.

So instead, lets focus on Barnsley on Saturday. They are also on seven points but they've played one less game. So if we assume they had won that and are on ten points, they could be sitting in eleventh place, just two points from top six. If you're of the mind that wants to sack the manager, who has lost as many games as the team in third place and not lost for a month, read the second and third sentence of this paragraph again.

But lets assume they don't win that game in hand and for a moment, lets try to imagine that we win instead. Even though we've not played the match, imagine we win tomorrow. Isn't that a nicer feeling than all the anger and negativity you are building up inside right now?

And you know what, I don't care what the manager does anymore as long as it's not three at the back. Start with two strikers and how about put four in midfield. It seems to ring a bell. It's against all I believe in, but I also believe that common sense wins in the end and that good triumphs evil and that if I scratch enough of these lottery cards, one day I'll not have to rely on selling my soul for pieces of bitcoin.

I have faith. I see a bigger picture. I saw you, walking in the rain. Right, that's it. School is closed today, but I forgot and I woke the kids unusually early. They were not happy and quite confused. I think my son thought he slept for the weekend. My daughter just looked at me and said not today dad.

What I mean is, there are more important things than if we are playing and challenging for top half in the Premier League. If you want to watch the Premier League that much, watch it. You can still support Aston Villa at the same time. Why does not winning the Premier League beat not winning in the Championship?

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Final thoughts

I've used the term fan and supporters in this post on purpose. Does fan come from the term fanatic? I'm not sure and I'm of the mind that we're all the same, but I'm starting to think I'm more of a supporter. It's not that I think everything is great at Aston Villa. I think our owner has pulled the wool over most fans/supporters of Aston Villa and I think they'll figure that out soon.

I also think things can be different in many respects, but as an outsider, I also know it's easy for me to have that opinion. On the inside, it's always different.

But do all those fans on Twitter think that all the constant negativity, is good for the Club and the players? Sure, they'll argue that they're just sharing their opinion for the nineteenth time today and yes, it's a free world and I'm not saying you can't, I'm asking; do you think the negativity is good for Aston Villa?

And you know what, as someone that thought Lerner was wrong for Aston Villa from the outset, that we've not had a decent CEO since Doug, until ironically the current one, that Martin O'Neill had taken us as far as he could unless he was given more money and one of handful that was grateful for Gérard Houllier ... maybe I'm not the one that should be writing this.