Aston Villa in a great place right now, but the madness continues

I played out the day yesterday for so many Aston Villa fans before kick off and sure enough, it played out pretty much as I thought it would. In fact it was almost perfect, because as we went behind, twice, it was almost like feeding time at the zoo.

We won 4-2 away from home in case you were just waking up and not knowing the score.

But some of the comments were verging on the ridiculous. And I'm not naming names and sure you can go and find who wrote the comments below, but if you're a neutral supporter, if you saw these comments and knew when they were posted, you'd probably think that Aston Villa supporters were insane.

I want to write this next part to those that maybe don't visit this site that often or are not Aston Villa supporters; the silent majority don't want the manager sacked. The silent majority understand that we're in a good place. The silent majority are sensible and understand that football isn't instant. The silent majority aren't lunatics.

Not the first ridiculous comment

we are afflicted with that curse/illness of worst manager in the country, even maybe in Europe! He really does not want us promoted because he knows its the only way he'll keep his damn job, selfish so and so only in this for himself

Don't laugh.

Not the last ridiculous comment

I wish his job was under threat. He should have been sacked pre season. This is the worst football with a mad spend in our history. Yet people back him

Should have been sacked pre-season I think is confirmation that for some supporters it's about Bruce and nothing else.

Clearly just starting with the ridiculous comments

We have no midfield and i Blame spud for that Landsbury the Viking sitting on the bench. Absolute shambles created by Bruce and his team choices.

This is why comments shouldn't be made until full time. But it wasn't just this site. It was Facebook and Twitter too.

But some were even predicting the result at half time.

A drop in the ocean

And there was so much more I could have added but I think you get the message. There are still twelve games to go and if you want my view, I'd rather be third than second right now. I'd rather be third than second and within touching distance with three or four games to go, but that's just me.

I've long thought this will go down to the wire and my views haven't changed and because it may go down to the wire, there is a chance we might not go up automatically. And that might be the case. But if there is a chance and we all have to accept that it is a chance, nobody can see the future, why do so many supporters decide to pick the side of it not happening.

And by deciding to pick that side, what I mean is, why are people deciding to pick unhappiness when given the choice of happiness? Surely those people are not the ones you want to be hanging around. They are the ones that will bring you down.

Nobody knows today what is going to happen. We can look to the history books for an indicator, but that is all it is. However, some clearly don't want to go up, regardless of what they say and they also wont understand why or how I can write that. But many will understand and those are the people that will understand this entire post.